Our programs are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. They will develop strength and conditioning of both body and mind. As you train with the group, our coaches can personalise your experience, taking into account your goals, training history, and ability.

Our Programs


BeStrong (BS) sessions are run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a central focus around challenging the body with higher loads, near maximal – maximal efforts and a strong work ethic.

Programming is goal orientated to improve performance whilst decreasing the risk of injury.


BeFit (BF) sessions are run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and are ensured to be conditioning orientated. Utilising movements that are low complexity and high intensity we challenge all energy systems possible within a 45 minute time period building work rate, work capacity and mental stamina.

Our programming is designed to build strong, resilient humans who feel good and move well. We never purely focus on any one area of fitness at a time, pushing the boundaries of strength and conditioning to build individuals that are fit, strong and ready for anything.

That’s why we break up our programming into blocks. To give you the best chance to maximise your output, recover well and achieve results you’ve never experienced before.

Each phase consists of a central focus that shifts from Power, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning and Endurance week-to-week to ensure we’re developing your fitness across all energy systems.

Personal Training

If you need something completely individualised, our industry-leading team of trainers have got you covered. With decades of experience in the team and a wide variety of knowledge and specialties to support you to any result you’re looking to achieve.