Who We Are


A founder of BeFit. Sam has helped turn the gym into one of the premium fitness facilities in Sydney. The head of programming who creates all the sessions performed in the gym. He practices what he preaches, all workouts are tested before being implemented into your program.


Here since day one. Ben is the physical and mental embodiment of BeFit training. From representing Australia at the Turf Games to running across the Atacama desert, he has used his vast experience to oversee the development of our programming.

He is the result of our training. With a combination of strength and conditioning, you can experience the best of both worlds.


Brielle is the embodiment of enthusiasm and dedication as a trainer at BeFit Training Double Bay. Her light, bubbly personality, and smile are infectious, making every workout a joyful experience. Her ability to create a positive and fun atmosphere during workouts sets her apart. Beyond the gym, Brielle values the balance between work and relaxation. Her weekends are all about adventure and rejuvenation, reflecting her belief that a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise.


Joe’s journey to becoming a trainer is a testament to his commitment to fitness and resilience. He has successfully rehabilitated himself from serious neck and lower back injuries, which only adds to his expertise in helping others overcome their challenges. Joe practices what he preaches, and he believes that fitness is not just a passion, but a way of life. His personal experience with injury recovery has equipped him with unique insights into the importance of proper form and the journey towards holistic well-being.


A recent addition to the BeFit Training Double Bay team, is a familiar face with an unwavering commitment to the gym. Having been a dedicated member for years, she has transitioned seamlessly into her role as a trainer, bringing her passion and enthusiasm for BeFit with her. Amelia is the embodiment of the BeFit lifestyle, living and breathing the values that the gym represents.